If you want to be part of a dedicated team,
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Everything we do here is about equipping students with the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to deliver first-class clinical dental care in the 21st century. We’re also passionate about making an active contribution to our local community, by widening educational participation and offering clinical services to the many different people who live and work in Bristol.

Building for the future

Our reputation for excellence is well-established. Now we’re looking to build on it with a move to a new site in 2023. This will allow us to put an even stronger focus on clinical education whilst still giving our students access to Bristol Dental Hospital, especially when it comes to postgraduate learning and expanded research opportunities.

We’re excited about providing a more integrated undergraduate dental education, including through the Bachelor of Dental Surgery programme, which is currently implementing a new curriculum and graduates approximately 70 dentists each year, and via the recently created BSc in Dental Hygiene and Therapy. We’re broadening our portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes over the next few years, which will strengthen our impact on the workforce and oral health improvement across the city.

Changing lives through dentistry

Free dental treatment from undergraduate students will continue, delivered under the supervision of qualified clinicians. Our new location will open up more opportunities for us to work with communities across the city and those who often struggle to get access to dentistry. We will integrate within the local healthcare system, provide greater support for city-wide oral health improvement initiatives and be an effective partner in improving people’s health and life changes across Bristol and beyond.

About the Faculty of Health Sciences

This Faculty brings together three professional healthcare programmes (medicine, veterinary sciences and dentistry) providing high quality, innovative teaching supported by NHS partnerships and clinical expertise. This allows us to maximise the realisation of cross-disciplinary opportunities in research and teaching under a One Health agenda.

About the University of Bristol

Dating back to 1876, the University of Bristol has become one of the leading institutions among the UK’s Russell Group of universities. It operates globally, and has achieved international recognition for its research and academic excellence. The University has a strong interdisciplinary approach and regularly features among the top-ranking institutions in global league tables.

Our new model allows primary care services and training to take place in the most appropriate setting, enabling students to train at the most appropriate level with the majority going to work in primary care settings such as high street dental surgeries after they graduate

Professor Jane Norman, former Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences

Building on the success of the BSc in Dental Hygiene and Therapy the new School will provide an opportunity for BSc students to provide targeted oral health improvement programmes to reduce oral health inequalities

Sarah Bain, Bristol Dental School’s Director of Dental Care Professional Training

It is really satisfying to work in an interdisciplinary team of scientific and clinical colleagues, as well as an amazing team of architects, designers, procurement specialists and subject matter experts, to ensure that we use the full range of clinical and scientific expertise in the key decisions. For instance, as a materials scientist I have taken part in an extensive programme of supplier engagement alongside clinical colleagues, and have used my disciplinary expertise to ensure that the dental materials our students use for training and clinical care are selected based on robust scientific and clinical evidence

Professor Michele Barbour, Professor of Biomaterials, Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor Enterprise and Innovation